Bespoke illustrations and user-centred design

A picture paints a thousand words.

Illustrations say so much more than photographs - or even a thousand words - ever could, particularly if your message is complex and sensitive.

My illustrations create an instant connection with the audience and make a story more personal.

Hi, I’m Sandra Staufer illustrator and visual storyteller.

After a long career in user-centred design, I realised that even very simple drawings have the power to tell the most complicated story in an engagingly accessible way.

Your story is important. I help you tell it with creativity, colour, empathy and a pinch of humour to help conversion.

Let me help you with bespoke illustration and user-focused design to help your online experience.

Bespoke illustrations are a powerful tool for audience engagement and setting friendly, emotional bonds with potential customers.

Check out my bundles

1. One-off Wonder

From £50.00 per 3 icons. From £90.00 per illustration.


2. Social Media Starter Pack

6 larger illustrations and 10 smaller icons to serve your marketing needs. - £600


3. Brand Identity Suite

An extensive, fully personalised brand identity suite for your business - £1500.

Case study: Tender Brighton Fringe Artwork 2021

Brighton Fringe Tender 2021 Branding

Case study: Brighton Chamber of Commerce Summit branding